The SOL Mission 

Speaking your mind, on the Ends and Outs to this Game we call Entertainment, Producing,
Acting, directing. One of our greatest qualities will be promotions of Entrepreneurships in the
heart of America. Speak Out Loud will promote you as long as your business is clean and has a
voice. In drama productions, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes before the show goes on
there is a lot to bring one show together successfully. Who really hears about or even talk of
what goes on behind the scenes no one unless we develop and produce Speak Out Loud
Productions this will be the first Marketing Production to endeavor to take on this huge of a
project and give an account of real minds and real stories to drama this backstage pass will be for
the greater of the communities and respect to reality TV shows. With the Queen TC Gilford
recording interviewing and receiving the scoops you will find out firsthand the real drama behind
drama. We have a lot of great theatrical Stage plays that are produced monthly, but who hears of
them, who gets the scoop of this lifestyle. How do the cast really feel about the directors,
producers and vice versa? I will tell the scoop to let you see footage and interviews of such raw
reality footage. Plus show you how the show still must go on to produce such greatness. 

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